Conveying a detached and voyeuristic presence, the mode in the Esoteric Traveler is that of a passenger moving through an ever changing landscape where the notion of reality is blurred. An omniscient sort of being, the passenger is more of an implied character who does not take part in the narrative, but only relates it to the viewer. In this sense the narrative takes on a feeling of esoteric projection, wherein the traveler leaves the physical to explore a greater realm. Many of the images I capture are taken from within vehicles during stretches of open travel. Along these journeys, I started noticing how the changing landscapes were affecting me on a subconscious level. Despite my stationary presence inside the vehicle, I found my mind was else where, exploring the landscape. Once I realized that I was having these kind of esoteric experiences, I could not help but document the places my mind was going, and low resolution digital and 35mm cameras became the perfect medium of communication.